Use and store your Bitcoin like never before

Instant transfers powered by the Lightning Network
Industry leading security through multisig and cold storage
Create a legacy plan with beneficiaries
Tax optimization through tax lot tracking

Instantly send and receive Bitcoin

No more waiting. Our integration with the Lightning Network lets you make instant transfers with low fees.
Automated self-custody
Our automatic withdrawals feature gives you a hands-off way to send your Bitcoin to self-custody.
Tax optimization features
Track tax lots and configure cost basis methods for optimal tax planning.
Safeguard your wealth
Create a personalized beneficiary plan to pass your Bitcoin on to your loved ones.

We don’t compromise on security

100% full reserve custody

All assets on River are held 1:1. We don't use or lend your Bitcoin, ever. Your Bitcoin is your Bitcoin.

Licensed and regulated in the US

River operates by the book and complies with all state and federal regulations. View our licenses.

Multisig cold storage

Our clients' Bitcoin is kept offline in cold storage and requires multiple signatures (multisig) to identify and authorize a transaction.

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