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River builds industry-leading Bitcoin security into every product and service.

Our Commitment to Security and Privacy

From the beginning, safeguarding your funds and privacy has been our number one objective. River has achieved SOC 1 and 2 certifications for our thorough cybersecurity and information security management systems.

See why we’re built different

As Bitcoiners, we always encourage self-custody; however, your assets will be safe on our platform.

100% full reserve custody

All assets on River are held 1:1. We don't use or lend your Bitcoin, ever. Your Bitcoin is your Bitcoin.

Licensed and regulated in the US

River operates by the book and complies with all state and federal regulations. View our licenses.

On-demand live support

Receive on-demand support with a real human located in the US whenever you need assistance.

Regular audits

Our systems regularly undergo independent security penetration tests by leading security firms.

Account notifications

Receive real-time account notifications when security-conscious actions are taken and when you buy, sell, withdraw, or deposit Bitcoin with River.

Data minimization

We store the least amount of data required on our clients for the shortest time possible and use tiered, role-based access controls.

Multisig cold storage

Our clients' Bitcoin is kept offline in cold storage and requires multiple signatures (multisig) to identify and authorize a transaction.

We aren’t built on third parties

River's custody systems were built from the ground up to maximize security and minimize dependence on third parties.

Geographically dispersed keys

Bitcoin keys are stored in multisig cold storage in geographically dispersed locations.

Account protections

River accounts use mandatory multi-factor authentication (TOTP or SMS), and passwords are bcrypt hashed with a work factor of 14.

Security monitoring 24/7

Our specialized security operations team is continuously monitoring our systems to keep your money safe.

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