At River, Security is a Certainty.

River Financial builds industry-leading Bitcoin security into every product and service.

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Our Security Outlook

Our infrastructure, operations, and Bitcoin security principles

Military-Grade Security

  • Our critical infrastructure is stored in military-grade vaults
  • We’ve built an integrated monitoring system to automatically detect, alert, and mitigate potential attacks.

Minimize Required Trust

  • We use a physically isolated, self-hosted system to reduce our dependency on third parties and their associated security risks.
  • Employees have limited access to personally identifiable information.

Review Everything. Twice.

  • Code commits must be signed and are never merged without review from multiple parties.
  • Our systems receive independent penetration tests from leading global security firms.

Secure Bitcoin Custody

A new standard of security for financial services.

  • Offline & in Cold Storage

    We require multiple signatures to identify and authorize a transaction, reducing system vulnerability.

  • Geographically Dispersed Keys

    Our Bitcoin infrastructure is self-hosted and physically located inside of military grade vaults in highly secure data center facilities.

  • Layered Security

    Over 99% of clients’ Bitcoin is kept offline in cold storage to maximize the security of their investment.

  • Military-grade Physical Storage

    Access to cold storage keys requires traveling to multiple geographically dispersed locations.

Account Security

All accounts are protected from theft by industry leading security standards.

  • Multi-factor Authentication

    We require multi-factor authentication upon account creation with a time-based one-time password or SMS/Text verification.

  • Password Encryption

    Account passwords are hashed via bcrypt with a work factor of 14.

Data Security

We protect your data with advanced security infrastructure.

  • Rigorously Managed Data Security Standards

    We store the least amount of data for the shortest time possible and use tiered, role-based access controls.

  • Fully Encrypted Data

    All application data is encrypted with AES256-GCM.

  • Self-hosted Infrastructure

    We use physically isolated, self-hosted infrastructure to eradicate the potential for Spectre-class vulnerabilities.

  • Compliance & Certifications

    Non-critical operations leverage cloud infrastructure that has undergone SOC 2 Type II examinations.

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