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Stay on track with performance management and in-depth reporting.
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World-class security

100% full-reserve custody
All assets on River are held 1:1. We don’t use or lend your Bitcoin, ever.
Not built on third parties
River's custody systems were built from the ground up to maximize security and minimize dependence on third parties.
Multisig cold storage
Our clients’ Bitcoin is kept offline and requires multiple signatures to authorize a transaction.
SOC certified
River has achieved SOC 1 and 2 certifications for our thorough cybersecurity and information security management systems.

1,000+ companies trust River

“River stands out as a premier company for securely purchasing Bitcoin. It is one of the few platforms I feel confident purchasing Bitcoin for myself and recommending it to my audience.”
Preston Pysh
The Investor Podcast
“River custom set up accounts for my business and all four of my children. The website and mobile app are very easy to use. Thank you, River for helping me grow in my Bitcoin holdings.”
Martin Saenz
Bequest Asset Managing Partner
“River has assembled a team that is hyper-focused on attention to detail, as well as a professional and timely delivery of Bitcoin services.”
Dom Bei
Founder, Proof of Workforce
“Opting for a company dedicated solely to supporting Bitcoin's ecosystem, rather than delving into alt-coins, speaks volumes about their integrity and steadfast commitment.”
Garrett G.
Host of Rugpull Radio & Founder, OPLAN BITCOIN GROUP
“Choosing River was an easy decision for us. Its top-notch customer support, seamless usability, and cutting-edge features stood out immediately.”
Greg Leffel
Executive Director, Virginia Blockchain Council
“The rewards and one-on-one customer service are above and beyond excellence. I trust them so much, I got 3 family members to sign up.”
Laura Irish
President, Hawkeye Field Services, Inc.

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Frequently asked questions

The application process for River Business will occur over email and can be completed in as little as one business day once we receive all the required information.
  • We can support the following entity types:
    • Corporations
    • LLCs
    • Partnerships
    • Trusts
    • Solo 401(k)s
    • IRA LLCs
    • Non-profits
  • We can support the following business types:
    • Family offices
    • Investment funds
    • Startups
    • Mining companies
    • Fintechs
    • And more
  • Unfortunately, we are not able to support traditional retirement accounts at this time. This includes regular 401(k)s and regular IRAs.
There are no account opening fees, no monthly fees, nor custody fees for having a business account with River. Buying and selling Bitcoin does include fees on one-time orders. Recurring buy orders are fee-free after the first week.
Bitcoin is seen as digital gold and a possible defense against inflation. When a company holds Bitcoin, it can safeguard itself from inflation's impact on its cash reserves. Additionally, holding Bitcoin offers diversification, spreading risk across various asset classes. Learn more about bitcoin here.