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Market Insights Powell And Yellen Acknowledge Inflation Concerns

Powell and Yellen acknowledged that inflation levels are well above typical targets. Square and BNY Mellon are among the financial institutions announcing larger support for Bitcoin services this week.

By Zev Mintz

Jul 19, 2021

Market Insights Argentina Introduces a Bill For Cryptocurrency Denominated Salaries

Inflation expectations increase in the United States and Europe. Argentina has proposed Bitcoin legislation that could pave the way for further adoption in the country. Bitcoin adoption continues as the difficulty declines.

By Will Nemirovsky

Jul 12, 2021

Market Insights SoftBank Invests $200 Million in Latin American Bitcoin Exchange

The United States experienced another week of rising housing and raw material prices amid economic recovery. SoftBank made a significant investment in Latin American cryptocurrency exchange.

By Will Nemirovsky

Jul 5, 2021

Market Insights Infrastructure Deal Makes Progress as Yellen Calls For a Higher Debt Ceiling

The U.S. government continues pushing through large spending plans, despite several key indicators that inflation is well above normal levels. Major investors use Bitcoin’s pullback as a buying opportunity.

By Will Nemirovsky

Jun 28, 2021

Market Insights Fed Signals Near-Term Rate Hikes

The Fed will raise interest rates earlier than expected, due to the realized and pending impacts of inflation. Bitcoin adoption marches on in Latin America.

By Will Nemirovsky

Jun 21, 2021

Market Insights Bitcoin Becomes Legal Tender As Inflation Persists

El Salvador became the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. The U.S. dollar continues to see high levels of inflation as additional spending packages are discussed.

By Will Nemirovsky

Jun 14, 2021

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