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Market Insights 2021 Year-in-Review with Alexander Leishman

After a record year for Bitcoin and River Financial, CEO Alexander Leishman discusses the most significant moments of 2021 for Bitcoin and what the new year holds for River Financial.

By Natalie Mutch

Jan 11, 2022

Market Insights 2021 Ends With Economic and Regulatory Uncertainty

The Fed has announced plans to reverse its expansionary monetary policy, even as Covid-19 cases increase and pressure economic growth. Cryptocurrency companies continue to attract investors.

By Natalie Mutch

Dec 27, 2021

Market Insights Powell Finally Admits That Inflation Is Not Transitory

Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen concede that the high inflation levels faced in the United States can no longer be considered transitory. Fidelity and Goldman Sachs are pursuing new Bitcoin-based financial products for their clients.

By Will Nemirovsky

Dec 6, 2021

Market Insights Another $2 Trillion In Spending Is On The Way

The House passed an additional $2 trillion worth of spending. Bitcoin’s price slides following regulatory developments and anticipated selling from Mt. Gox payouts.

By Will Nemirovsky

Nov 22, 2021

Market Insights Bitcoin Gets An Upgrade As The Dollar Slips

Inflation continues to accelerate as a massive spending package is signed into law. The Taproot update gives Bitcoin a suite of new capabilities.

By Will Nemirovsky

Nov 15, 2021

Market Insights A Weakening U.S. Dollar Fuels Global Bitcoin Adoption

The Fed looks to curb asset purchases as the effects of a weakening dollar are felt throughout the economy. Legislators and financial institutions are refreshingly aligned on their support for broad Bitcoin adoption.

By Will Nemirovsky

Nov 8, 2021

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