Text Bitcoin to Anyone, Anywhere, Any Wallet

Send or gift Bitcoin with River Link. Friends and family can claim to a River account or any Bitcoin wallet.

Send Bitcoin Without the Back and Forth

No need to ask for a Bitcoin address and triple check it. Simply text, direct message, or email your River Link.

How to Use River Link

0.12345678 BTC

Satoshi Nakamoto gifted you
Bitcoin from River.

The Best Way to Gift Bitcoin

Easily give Bitcoin for that special occasion.

Pay Your Friends for Dinner with Bitcoin

No matter what wallet your friend uses, you can still split the check.

0.12345678 BTC

Satoshi Nakamoto sent you
Bitcoin from River.

Send Someone Their First Bitcoin

Orange pilling your friends just got easier.

How it works

1. Create a River Link
Enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to send or gift.
2. Share Your River Link
Copy the auto-generated link and send it to anyone over a text or email.
3. Claim the River Link
The recipient claims the Bitcoin to their River account or any Bitcoin wallet.

Receive Bitcoin to Any Wallet

Recipients can claim their River Link using any Bitcoin wallet or a River account.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You do not need a River account to claim Bitcoin sent with River Link as it can be received to any wallet. However, you may choose to create a River account if you need a Bitcoin wallet or to send to an existing River account.
River Link is shareable via a link (URL) giving you the ability to send it over iMessage, WhatsApp, email, or through a direct message on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and Snapchat.
Yes, you can use River Link to send to anyone you’d like. The receiver would need to deposit the received Bitcoin to any external wallet. Only residents of US-supported states can deposit to a River account.
The River Fee for both the sender and the receiver is $0 - always. Fees only apply if the River Link is claimed to an external wallet. In this case, the receiver pays the fee and they would be automatically deducted from the Bitcoin total. Fees will be determined by the destination.
Bitcoin claimed to a River account is sent instantly. When Bitcoin is sent via on-chain, it may take a few hours for the Bitcoin to reach your external wallet based on network activity. If you’re sending via lightning or to a River wallet, the Bitcoin will be sent immediately. To check on the status of your external wallet claim, revisit the River Link URL after you’ve claimed the Bitcoin.
Yes, you can choose whether or not to include your name when sending or gifting Bitcoin using River Link.
An access key is an automatically generated passphrase you can choose to include with your River Link. The recipient will need to enter this access key to claim the Bitcoin. Sending a River Link over 0.05 BTC will automatically require an access key. Access keys are not stored for security reasons.