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Our high-touch team of Bitcoin experts empower serious investors to add Bitcoin to their investment portfolio.

  • High net-worth individuals
  • Multi-Entity Trusts
  • Family offices
  • Investment funds
  • IRA LLC’s
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Your Bitcoin Wealth Partner

Adding Bitcoin to your portfolio can be tricky. Partnering with River makes it easy.

Securely invest in the future of money.

  • Bitcoin has outperformed traditional investments in the last 10 years.

    Since 2011, Bitcoin has been the leading investment with annualized returns consistently over 230%.

  • The world’s most successful investors and wealth advisors are investing in Bitcoin.

    Don’t get left behind. Maximize your investment potential by maximizing your time in the market and build wealth for the next generation.

  • Confidently invest in Bitcoin.

    Your Private Client Advisor will personally guide you through the investment process to help you confidentially add Bitcoin to your portfolio.

Your dedicated Private Client Advisor

A personalized bitcoin concierge.

Your Private Client Advisor is your exclusive, single point of contact for all your unique Bitcoin investment needs.

Years of experience in the wealth management industry.

Your Private Client Advisor can provide the quality of service and expertise you are looking for.

Still learning about Bitcoin?

Your Private Client Advisor can educate your family and investment team on the latest Bitcoin news & trends.

Flexible financial tools and services for your account needs.

Tax optimization made easy.

Our industry-leading account reporting and tax lot tracking simplifies your tax reduction strategy.

Institutional-grade order execution, tailored for you.

Our advisors help you allocate up to $1 Billion into Bitcoin, while minimizing market impact.

Invest Bitcoin through your entities.

River is the easiest way to invest in Bitcoin through your personal investment trust, holding company, or other entity.

Mine the future of money.

Take the first step toward building your Bitcoin mining fleet today

Earn More Bitcoin

Mining Bitcoin directly supports the Bitcoin Network while diversifying your income streams.

Invest from your Phone

Set up your account, buy miners, and manage your mining right from the River app.

Hassle-free Operations

We take care of hosting, servicing, and maintaining your miner. You always own your mining machines.

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Industry-leading bitcoin security and custody solutions.

Inheritance Planning

River can support complex estate planning structures, including multi-entity family trusts.

Regulated & Audited

We maintain rigorous compliance standards and regularly undergo third-party audits.

Physical Controls

All client and operational data is encrypted and stored in a military-grade infrastructure.

Operational Security

99% of all Private Client’s Bitcoin is kept offline in cold storage that requires multiple physical authorizations to move Bitcoin.

Learn more about our security practices →

Start your personalized Private Client relationship with us today.

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