Based in San Francisco, River Financial is a firm dedicated to helping people invest in Bitcoin. We provide our clients with premium customer service, investment tools, and access to cutting-edge Bitcoin technology.

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Picture of Alexander Leishman

Alexander Leishman

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

About Alexander Leishman

Alexander Leishman is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at River Financial. Mr. Leishman brings his deep expertise in software engineering, information security, and Bitcoin to River where he leads product development and engineering. Prior to founding River Financial, Alexander most recently served on the investment and engineering teams at Polychain Capital and Polychain Labs focusing on Bitcoin-related venture investments. Mr. Leishman has previously served as an engineer at Airbnb’s security team, a management consultant for Deloitte, and first got deeply involved in the Bitcoin industry as an early engineer at Maicoin, Taiwan’s largest digital asset exchange. Mr. Leishman holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Maryland and a Master's in Computer Science from Stanford University where he helped teach the first Bitcoin class under Professor Dan Boneh.

Picture of Andrew Benson

Andrew Benson

Founder & Chief Operating Officer

About Andrew Benson

Andrew Benson is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at River Financial. In this role, Mr. Benson brings his expertise in management, information security, and risk management to River where he oversees operational scalability, regulatory strategy, banking relations, and capital markets. Prior to co-founding River Financial, Andrew was most recently a partner at a cyber security consulting firm specializing in cyber program strategy for high-risk industries such as healthcare and financial services. He brings with him over 9 years of experience running a software development firm which specialized in building enterprise applications for financial institutions and insurance companies. Mr. Benson has completed graduate course work at Stanford University in Cyber Security and International Security and holds a degree in Management Information Systems from The Ohio State University.

Picture of Jonathan Wilkins

Jonathan Wilkins

Chief Security Officer

About Jonathan Wilkins

Jonathan Wilkins is the Chief Security Officer at River Financial. Mr. Wilkins brings 18 years of experience in the information security industry to River where he oversees security strategy, infrastructure, and DevOps. Prior to joining the River team, Jonathan most recently co-founded and served as the former Chief Security Officer of Blockstream, the global leader in blockchain technology. Mr. Wilkins has previously served at dozens of Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, MySpace, and Yelp to secure their systems. Mr. Wilkins also released the first password cracker for Windows NT while working on first generation network vulnerability scanners.

Picture of Rod Roudi

Rod Roudi

Chief Client Officer

About Rod Roudi

Rod Roudi is the Chief Client Officer at River Financial where he leads client relationship development, go-to-market strategy, and marketing. Mr. Roudi brings 15 years of experience leading sales, marketing, and client success for startups and global public companies in the technology industry. Prior to joining River, Mr. Roudi served as SVP of Global Development at BTC Inc. Mr. Roudi holds a degree in Economics from Indiana University.

Picture of Maria Okeke

Maria Okeke

Director of Finance

About Maria Okeke

Maria Okeke is the Director of Finance at River Financial where she oversees internal accounting, financial controls, and financing strategy. Ms. Okeke is a licensed CPA with accounting experience in the financial services space. Prior to joining River, Maria served as an Assistant Vice President at Grosvenor Capital Management, a fund complex with over $500 million in assets under management. Previously, Maria served as a Senior Audit Associate at Ernst & Young where she performed financial statement audits for hedge funds, private equity funds, and investment advisors. Ms. Okeke holds a Master’s and Bachelor’s in Accountancy from the University of Notre Dame.

Picture of Zev Mintz

Zev Mintz

Director of Private Client

About Zev Mintz

Zev Mintz is the Director of Private Client at River Financial where he leads River's strategic service offerings for ultra-high net-worth individuals and family offices. Prior to joining River, Mr. Mintz served as an Investment Advisor at UBS Financial Services Inc., where he designed and managed complex investment strategies for corporate executives, non-profit corporations, and business owners. Previously, Zev served as a pricing analyst at Travelers Insurance where he performed competitive rate analysis and devised pricing models within the personal insurance line of business. Mr. Mintz holds a degree in Finance from The Ohio State University.

Picture of Philip Glazman

Philip Glazman

Software Engineer

About Philip Glazman

Philip Glazman is a Software Engineer at River Financial where he leads the Bitcoin infrastructure development. Prior to joining the River team, Mr. Glazman gained extensive Bitcoin knowledge as a Core Developer at Bitmain Technologies in Amsterdam where he focused on wallet development. Philip also helped build databases and an internal account management system for a data-driven marketing platform. Mr. Glazman holds a degree in Computer Science from Ramapo College of New Jersey.

Picture of Kafai Choi

Kafai Choi

Software Engineer

About Kafai Choi

Kafai Choi is a Software Engineer at River Financial where he leads backend and financial engineering. Mr. Choi brings his expertise in building distributed, fault-tolerant applications to River to support the web application. Prior to joining the River team, Kafai served as a Fullstack Developer at YBEX, a financial services company building a marketplace for foreign currency exchange. Mr. Choi holds a degree in Statistics from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Picture of João Mesquita

João Mesquita

Software Engineer

About João Mesquita

João Mesquita is a Software Engineer at River Financial where he leads the front end web development with a focus on user experience. Previously, Mr. Mesquita Co-Founded Koala Studio where he pioneered user-friendly web applications and games built for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. Additionally, João brings over a decade's worth of experience in full stack, mobile, and hardware development, building flagship products at companies such as TokenSoft, Trainline, and Paxton Access. Mr. Mesquita holds a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the University of Sussex.

Picture of Dave O’Callaghan

Dave O’Callaghan

Software Engineer

About Dave O’Callaghan

David O'Callaghan is a Software Engineer at River Financial where he leads the development of the iOS application. Mr. O'Callaghan brings 10 years experience developing for iOS, working in a variety of teams ranging from startups to large scale multinationals. Prior to joining River, David helped develop the initial iOS Sportsbook app for FanDuel to service the recently legalized sports gambling market in the United States. Mr. O'Callaghan holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Limerick.

Picture of Emmy Almaraz

Emmy Almaraz

Software Engineer

About Emmy Almaraz

Emmy Almaraz is a Software Engineer at River Financial working on the web development team. Previously, Ms. Almaraz served as a software developer at sfApex helping enterprise software companies secure and back up their data. Ms. Almaraz also has a background in the art world, having studied art history at The University of Texas at Austin and interned at the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and Sotheby's in NYC.

Picture of Sampei Omichi

Sampei Omichi

Operations Analyst

About Sampei Omichi

Sampei Omichi is an Operations Analyst at River Financial where he focuses on product, organizational scalability, and operational strategy. Prior to joining River, Sampei served as an Analyst at DG Lab Fund where he conducted due diligence and advised on Bitcoin-related venture investments. Previously, Mr. Omichi has consulted on the development of go-to-market strategies for ClassPass and Verizon. Mr. Omichi holds a degree in Business Administration from Babson College.

Picture of Joe Bryan

Joe Bryan

Operations Analyst

About Joe Bryan

Joe Bryan is an Operations Analyst at River Financial where he focuses on client services, operational scalability, and process improvement. Prior to joining River, Joe served as an Analyst for Bath & Body Works where he devised advanced forecasting models and analyzed corporate financials. Previously, Mr. Bryan has experience in the hospitality industry, having served as the Director of Operations at Imperyo, a restaurant group based in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Bryan holds degrees in both Finance and Public Affairs from The Ohio State University.

Picture of Natalie Mutch

Natalie Mutch

Summer Operations Analyst

About Natalie Mutch

Natalie Mutch is a Summer Operations Analyst at River Financial, where she focuses on internal and regulatory policy reviews, marketing, and client analytics. Prior to joining the River team, Natalie served as a member of the Sales Operations team at Synopsys, where she worked on sales process improvement. Ms. Mutch is working towards a degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.

Picture of Will Nemirovsky

Will Nemirovsky

Summer Product Analyst

About Will Nemirovsky

Will Nemirovsky is a Summer Product Analyst at River Financial where he develops client-facing financial products. Prior to joining the River team, Will served as a member of the due diligence team at Republic, a crowdfunding company democratizing access to capital and alternative investments. Mr. Nemirovsky is working towards a degree in Finance and Business Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Picture of Sachin Meier

Sachin Meier

Research Analyst

About Sachin Meier

Sachin Meier is a Research Analyst at River Financial where he develops and produces content for River Learn, River's home for educational content. Prior to joining the River team, Sachin conducted research in cryptography and cryptoasset security at Georgetown University. Mr. Meier is currently working towards a degree in Technology and International Affairs from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.


Picture of Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth Stark

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Lightning Labs

About Elizabeth Stark

Elizabeth Stark is an Advisor to River Financial. Ms. Stark is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of Lightning Labs, a company that maintains one of the three main open-source Lightning Network implementations for Bitcoin. Elizabeth also is a fellow at Coin Center, the leading digital currency policy organization. Ms. Stark holds J.D. from Harvard Law School.

Picture of Steve Lee

Steve Lee

Product Manager, Square Crypto

About Steve Lee

Steve Lee is an Advisor to River Financial. Most recently, Mr. Lee serves as the Product Manager at Square Crypto, an open-source Bitcoin initiative focused on user experience. Steve also currently serves as the Product Manager for Bitcoin Optech where he works with companies using Bitcoin’s blockchain space efficiently. He is an active angel investor in companies such as Lyft, Halo Neuroscience, and Parsable.

Picture of James Page

James Page

Product Manager, Pinterest

About James Page

James Page is an Advisor to River Financial. Mr. Page brings his experience as a growth expert in the digital advertising space having managed million dollar digital ad campaigns which positioned companies for growth in the financial services space. James currently serves as a Product Manager at Pinterest Advertising and has previously served as a Product Analyst at Facebook.