Based in San Francisco, River Financial is a firm dedicated to helping people invest in Bitcoin. We provide our users with premium customer service and access to cutting edge Bitcoin features, like the Lightning Network.


Photo of Alex Leishman
Alex Leishman
Founder, CEO & CTO
Photo of Andrew Benson
Andrew Benson
Co-Founder & COO
Photo of Jonathan Wilkins
Jonathan Wilkins
Chief Security Officer
Photo of Zev Mintz
Zev Mintz
Director of Institutional Strategy
Photo of Maria Okeke
Maria Okeke, CPA
Director of Finance
Photo of Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang
Director of Marketing & Partnerships
Photo of Philip Glazman
Philip Glazman
Software Engineer
Photo of Kafai Choi
Kafai Choi
Software Engineer
Photo of Sampei Omichi
Sampei Omichi
Operations Analyst
Photo of João Mesquita
João Mesquita
Software Engineer
Photo of Emmy Almaraz
Emmy Almaraz
Software Engineer


Photo of Elizabeth Stark
Elizabeth Stark
Photo of Steve Lee
Steve Lee
Photo of James Page
James Page