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Recurring Buys

Access lower fees with recurring Bitcoin market orders.

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Cost-basis Tracking

Gain visibility into your Bitcoin investment performance.

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Human Support

Call or chat directly with a Client Services Representative. No robots.

Bitcoin is our future.

Money of the World

You can move billions of dollars or fractions of a cent worth of Bitcoin around the world with the click of a button.

A Finite Supply

Bitcoin is like digital gold. It cannot be created out of thin air. Its finite supply of 21 million makes it provably scarce.

Pushing Bitcoin Forward.

Lightning Network

Send and Receive Bitcoin on-chain or via the Lightning network for instant transfers.

Tomorrow's Tech, Today

We use the latest technology including native Segwit, payment batching, and PSBT-based infrastructure.

Self Custody

We are dedicated to supporting our clients who want to self custody their Bitcoin.

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Security done right.

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Core infrastructure is hosted on River-owned servers in military grade vaults.

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Cold Storage

Vast majority of Bitcoin is stored offline in multisignature wallets.

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Both our engineering and operations teams are led by security professionals.