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Our expert team is here to serve the sophisticated investor buying more than $100,000 of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin protects your future

Bitcoin has outperformed every other asset class over the last decade.
Dollars have lost over 90% of their purchasing power.
Bitcoin’s absolute scarcity means it holds its value long-term.
Chart comparing Bitcoin to other assets Percentage change performance over the last 5 years. Source

River provides an all-in-one Bitcoin solution

World-class security

All assets on River are held 1:1 and we don’t use or lend your Bitcoin, ever. Your bitcoin is your bitcoin.

High touch client services

Bitcoin can be intimidating. Our experienced, US based Client Services Team is ready to help you get started building your Bitcoin wealth.

US audited & regulated

Over 98% of our clients Bitcoin is kept offline in cold storage and require multiple signatures (multisig) to identify and authorize a transaction, reducing system vulnerability.

Institutional-grade order execution

Our advisors help you allocate up to $1 Billion into Bitcoin, while minimizing market impact.

Safeguard your wealth

River Inheritance puts you in control of the future of your Bitcoin. Create a personalized beneficiary plan to pass your Bitcoin on to your loved ones.
Image of laptop showing beneficiary plan completed

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