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Miniscript is a language that makes it easier for developers to read, write, and reason about Bitcoin smart contracts.

To give a few examples of what Miniscript enables:

  • It can find the most economical script to implement a combination of spending conditions, to help the user save on fees.
  • It can be used to create scripts within scripts, like a multisig within a multisig.
  • It makes it easier to identify the exact spending conditions of a script.
  • It makes it easier to determine what fee will need to be paid to spend a specific UTXO.

With that said, the actual use of Miniscript by application developers is still relatively new, as they are beginning to explore how this language can be used.

Miniscript was designed to work for (P2SH-)P2WSH and Tapscript embedded scripts.

More in-depth technical information can be found at