Pay-to-Witness-Script-Hash (P2WSH)

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A Pay-to-Witness-Script-Hash (P2WSH) is a type of transaction similar to a P2SH transaction in most ways, except that it uses SegWit. Like a P2SH transaction, a P2WSH transaction locks bitcoin to the hash of a script. In order to spend this bitcoin, the spender must present the script, called the RedeemScript, and any required signatures.

On a technical level, P2WSH actually describes the ScriptPubKey which is used to lock bitcoin to a SegWit script hash. A P2WSH transaction spends bitcoin which was previously locked to a P2WSH address. Since P2WSH is a SegWit transaction, when a P2WSH output is used as an input, the ScriptSig is moved to the Witness section and called the WitnessScript.