Alex Leishman on the Stephan Livera Podcast

Our CEO, Alex Leishman, went on the Stephan Livera Podcast to chat about tips for hosting a successful Socratic Seminar as well as River Financial’s strategy as a Bitcoin financial institution. In this hour long episode, Alex shares the story of what inspired him to organize a Socratic Seminar, how a Socratic Seminar is structured, and how this style of Bitcoin meetups have been spreading all over the world.

As the organizer of the San Francisco Bitcoin Devs meetup, Alex shared some practical tips on how to host a successful Socratic Seminar. For example, he recommended sourcing topics from attendees so that they could speak more deeply on the topic during the meetup. He also suggested that organizers looking for a space to host their Socratic Seminars target coworking spaces as the relationship could be mutually beneficial.

Finally, Stephan and Alex briefly discuss several aspects of River Financial as a Bitcoin financial institution. One of the areas they touched on was how River makes it easy for people to buy bitcoin through recurring orders. They also explored the role a custodial Bitcoin institution could play in the Lightning Network ecosystem. Security was another prominent topic of discussion as they covered the importance of self-hosting critical infrastructure:

“I love our technology. We’ve spent about eight months building out the tech for (River Financial). We made a few key decisions early on and one of the big decisions that we made was that we’re not going to put anything important in the cloud. So we run all of our stuff. Our, web application, our database, everything critical to our company is hosted on prem in a server cluster that we own. That server cluster sits in a 2,000 pound vault that is built for the military.”

- Alexander Leishman

Catch the full interview on Episode 136 of the Steven Livera Podcast: