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What is Instant Mining?

Instant mining hardware deals allow you to buy bitcoin miners that are currently online so that you can immediately begin mining bitcoin. This guide will walk you through what instant mining is and the process for purchasing miners.

What is an instant miner hardware deal?

An instant mining hardware deal allows you to buy a bitcoin miner that is currently online and mining bitcoin.

Instant mining eliminates several variables, because the miners are online. So instead of waiting weeks or months for your miner to come online, you know your miner will start generating bitcoin as soon as the purchase is complete. Additionally, the machine you’re buying has proven to be functional and productive. River only sells instant mining machines that are performing within an expected range.

Purchasing an instant mining machine does introduce other variables, however, because you are buying used hardware. The machine is already running, so it may have experienced some minor wear and tear. This is typically minimal because River machines are operated in state-of-the-art colocation facilities with excellent conditions and maintenance. An instant mining machine will also have less time left on its manufacturer warranty. You can see the date that an instant miner started mining to get a better understanding of the impact of these variables.

How do I buy an instant miner?

You can buy an instant miner on or on the River iOS app. Details of each instant miner listing are available to view in your River account, including pricing and terms and conditions. Once you are ready to move forward, you can contact our Sales team, who will send you an agreement to sign. You will be able to see your upcoming miners in the River iOS app and track your mining returns. The entire process can be accomplished in 20 minutes. From there, you will be all set and can start mining bitcoin!

After you complete your purchase, the miner proceeds will begin accruing to your River Financial account within five calendar days, but mining proceeds will only be deposited once funds for payments have been settled, which may take multiple weeks. Accordingly, the first payout is likely to be larger to account for the settlement time. Instant mining is the quickest way for you to start mining bitcoin.