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Sending & Receiving Bitcoin

How do I send Bitcoin (on-chain) from my account?

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Before Bitcoin sending and receiving is enabled, you will be asked to verify your identity . Once your identity has been verified, you will have Bitcoin sending and receiving enabled for your account.

There are currently two methods you can use to send bitcoin: on-chain and Lightning. This article covers how you can send bitcoin on-chain. You can view more information on how to send via Lightning here.

1. Click "Transfer" in the navigation bar at the top of your screen.

Overview page

2. Click "Transfer Bitcoin" and then click "Next".

Account page

3. Click "Send from River Account” and then click "Next".

Transfer modal

4. Click "Onchain Transfer" and then click "Next".

Transfer modal

4. Next, enter the Bitcoin address you would like to send bitcoin to.

Send Bitcoin modal

5. Next, enter the amount of bitcoin you would like to send.

Filled send Bitcoin modal

6. Confirm the details of the transaction, enter your TOTP code, and click “Confirm” to initiate your on-chain Bitcoin transaction.

The total amount of bitcoin taken from your account will be the “Amount” you have specified plus the Bitcoin network fees quoted on this page. This fee is not collected by River, but paid out to miners who process the transaction. You can read more about Bitcoin network fees here.


7. You will receive this confirmation to indicate your successful Bitcoin on-chain send.

Send confirmation

Once your transaction has been confirmed on the Bitcoin network, you should see the bitcoin in the wallet you sent to. Please note that, depending on the wallet you use, your transaction can take up to 1 hour before it shows up in the wallet.