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What are River account statements?

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River Financial Account Statements

River Financial monthly account statements provide a breakdown of your monthly account summary, Bitcoin details, and cash details. The account statement is an official document that can provide helpful information about your Bitcoin holdings.

Where can I find my account statements?

A link to your previous month’s account statement will be emailed to you on the first of every month. By following the link, you can access your account statements in the River app or on a web browser.

You can also access your account statement directly in the River platform by navigating to the “Documents” section found under the profile settings screen.

The “Documents” section can also be found within each account detail screen.

What’s included on my account statement?

Your account statement will cover three main sections: Account Summary, Bitcoin Details, and Cash & Money Details.

Account Summary

Change in the Value of Account The ending value in your River account broken down into this month’s additions and subtractions. This table also includes a year-to-date breakdown of this data.
Bitcoin Activity Summary A summary of the net bitcoin bought and deposited.
Summary of Gains and Losses The total realized and unrealized gains and losses in your River account.
Bitcoin Balance The amount of Bitcoin available to sell, withdraw, or transfer in your River account.

Bitcoin Details

Bitcoin Buys & Sells A list of your Bitcoin buy and sell transactions.
Bitcoin Transfers A list of your Bitcoin transfers including funding source, fees, and more.
Individual Bitcoin Tax Lots Cost basis for acquired bitcoin with a gain or loss breakdown.

Cash & Money Details

Cash (USD) Position Delta in your account’s USD value between opening and closing for the current statement.
Cash Activity Summary Summary of net cash flow, broken down into deposits, proceeds from transactions, funds used for transactions, and withdrawals.
Cash (USD) Transactions Summary of your account’s cash USD transactions used for funding transactions or cash deposits.

An account statement’s opening value includes 12:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) of the first day of the month, through 23:59 PM UTC of the last day of the month. This is equivalent to 7:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (ET) of the first of the month, through 18:59 PM ET of the last of the month.