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What are my account limits?

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River Financial has a number of limits for transactions on our platform. The tables below show those limits for every type of transaction.

Default Limits

We have a weekly ACH deposit limit of $150,000. Of this $150,000, the most that can be executed in a single day through an Instant Buy is $100,000. To learn more about an Instant Buy, you can check out our article, What is an instant buy?

The Instant Buy limit resets every business day, 24 hours from the time you used the funds. The weekly limit replenishes in a similar way. The amount of each transaction is reset 1 week (168 hours) from the time of the transaction.

Deposit Limit (ACH) $150,000 per week
Instant Buy Limit (ACH) $100,000 per business day
Buy Limit Unlimited ($1,000,000 per transaction)
Sell Limit Unlimited ($1,000,000 per transaction)

Verified Photo ID

Once you pass through our ID Verification process, you will be approved for sends and receives on our platform as well. There are no limits for sends and receives. To find out more about the ID verification process, you can read our article on it here.

Send Bitcoin Unlimited
Receive Bitcoin Unlimited

To request an increase on your account limits, please contact our Client Services team by emailing