João Mesquita on the Lightning Junkies Podcast

On the Lightning Junkies podcast hosted by Chaz, João Mesquita shares the origin stories behind the two Lightning games he created in 2019: Satoshi's Place and Lightning Chess.

Satoshi's Place is a website where people pay in Lightning Bitcoin to paint on a community canvas. Inspired by the Reddit Place and the million dollar homepage, João wanted to give early Lightning Network users something to use and experience. It also served as a way for Lightning developers to test to see if their Lightning nodes were working.

João then attended a Chaincode Residency program that focused specifically on Lightning development. It was there that he met Jack Mallers, the creator of the Zap wallet. After a Chaincode Residency workshop, Jack went to the park to play chess. This spurred a discussion between the two of them about creating an online chess game that integrated Lightning payments. This then gave birth to Lightning Chess.

During the podcast, Chaz and João also discuss the potential intersection between the current world of gaming and the Lightning Network. João mentioned that it is more likely that a small game studio will be the first to produce a Lightning game that really gains traction as opposed to a larger studio. Although it may take some time, the market opportunity would be substantial. For example, the gaming industry as a whole and the world of competitive e-sports has surpassed many entertainment industries. But even if it doesn’t, people could still earn a living off of Lightning gaming. Even if someone earns only $80 a month, that could be more than enough for someone living in a different part of the world.

Catch the full interview between Chaz and João and their in depth discussion about Lightning gaming below!