Meet the Team: Emily Almaraz

Photo of Emily Almaraz

1. What made you decide to pursue a career in Bitcoin?

What caught my attention was the talent Bitcoin seemed to attract. I thought some of the loudest people in the space were incredible thinkers. After reading enough technical material, I realized that money built on top of an open protocol for anyone to use was very real and like the internet, would someday change everything.

2. What’s your role at River Financial?

I help develop our web application.

3. What did you do before joining River?

I worked as a developer at a startup that helped enterprise companies secure and backup their data.

4. What projects or advancements do you think are most exciting in the Bitcoin space right now?

I’m most excited about projects trying to create a better user experience for anyone who holds bitcoin. The UX drum may sound like it has been beat to death but even for technical people, it is still hard to self-custody. It's one of the biggest design problems to solve.

5. Where do you see Bitcoin in 10 years?

Bitcoin will enable cooperation between parties that can't happen in a fiat-only world. It's hard to predict what this will look like but I'll know it when I see it.

6. Describe Bitcoin in 5 words or less.

Freedom money.

7. What are some of your favorite hobbies or interests?

Since moving to San Francisco, I now hike on the weekends and read on the train to work.