Meet the Team: Andrew Yang


1. What made you decide to pursue a career in Bitcoin?

Bitcoin gave me a whole new perspective on life. It opened my eyes to the idea that there are steps that I can today that can significantly impact my future. I also love the fact that it embodies the same values of the internet such as being open for anyone in the world to use. This is why I believe Bitcoin will do for finance what the internet did for information. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

2. What’s your role at River Financial?

I primarily oversee marketing for River Financial. I focus on the brand, content, and the overall message of the company. I also conduct user interviews to provide product feedback for the team.

3. What did you do before joining River?

I co-founded BlockFuse where we provided an open-source platform for Bitcoin and the Lightning Network. We also hosted the Bolt-A-Thon: the world’s first online Bitcoin Lightning Network hackathon and conference.

4. What projects or advancements do you think are most exciting in the Bitcoin space right now?

I’m most excited about the Lightning Network. It was one of the main reasons why I decided to join River Financial. I love how flexible lightning payments are and how this will open up new business models for people on the internet.

5. Where do you see Bitcoin in 10 years?

In ten years, I see Bitcoin as the primary non-correlated asset used to store wealth for the entire world. I believe it'll be more widely accepted making global settlements and financial markets more efficient. I also see a developed ecosystem of multiple Bitcoin layers all feeding into one another through atomic swaps. These layers include the Lightning Network for daily payments, custodial institutions offering Bitcoin banking services, and side chains for experimentation.

6. Describe Bitcoin in 5 words or less.

Open and censorship resistant money.

7. What are some of your favorite hobbies or interests?

I love playing basketball and am a huge fan of the Clippers. I also listen to a lot of podcasts when I go to the gym. Oh, and of course Twitter!