Alex Leishman on Tales from the Crypt

Alex Leishman joined Marty Bent on Tales from the Crypt to talk about the advantages of being a Bitcoin only brokerage and why Bitcoin is so far ahead of other cryptocurrencies.

One of the advantages of focusing on only Bitcoin is that it allows the River Financial team to avoid distractions. If River tried to expand its offerings to other cryptocurrencies, it would increase the amount of work and complexity around its infrastructure ten-fold. This is why it is imperative that River focuses exclusively on Bitcoin even if the future contains multiple winners in the world of cryptocurrencies. In order to lead the way in taking Bitcon’s financial infrastructure to the next level, River must focus exclusively on Bitcoin.

“Our goal is to have the absolute best custodial Bitcoin infrastructure to hopefully enable non-custodial use cases as well in the future.“

- Alexander Leishman

Another compelling reason Alex provides for choosing to focus on Bitcoin over all the other cryptocurrencies is the incredible amount of work behind creating great standards over the past decade. These standards allow various libraries and tools to be interoperable. For example, Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBT) enable interoperability between River Financial’s infrastructure and various hardware wallets in a way that wasn’t possible before. Also, the two month long Tap-Root Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) Review Club demonstrates the amount of attention to detail that goes into creating a standard. These tools and extensive review processes simply do not exist with other cryptocurrencies.

Other topics that Alex and Marty covered include the role of social media and addiction, their love of history, and why holding Bitcoin is American. Catch the full length, three hour long interview below!